Strong Start Kids- Champion Capoeira FUN-damentals in 8 Weeks by Jasmine Broadhead

Strong Start Kids- Champion Capoeira FUN-damentals in 8 Weeks

8 weeks, over 80 videos! Lifetime access to exciting on-demand classes! Fun for kids, a great way to expend their energy indoors while building coordination, strength and confidence! Shhh...Enjoy this sneak peek! *all exercises in this video  are broken down and explained in the course!*

Online classes without the abyss of YouTube

You want your child to be active and remain engaged! There are so many free videos online, which can be great, but where do they lead? Enter the abyss of YouTube, and before you know it your child is watching toy reveals, inappropriate commercials, and they start whining they want to watch rather than do. Let's stop all that whining and replace it with skills they can use as soon as TODAY!

Capoeira - Brazil's best kept secret!

We know Brazil and soccer, but few know about Brazil and Capoeira (pronounced cap-uh-way-da)! This unique and surprising Martial Art combines Brazilian culture including music, dance, and language immersion! Kids love moving to music and LOVE using their bodies in creative ways. Capoeira gives them this opportunity over and over again!

Give them the fun they want, with the structure you crave.

Capoeira is FUN! These classes will also improve their coordination, strength and confidence in a structured platform. All skills are broken down into bite-size movements so your child feels successful every step of the way!

What's Included?

Setting Up for Success!

Welcome videos for Parents and Kids!

1. Capoeira Movement!

Learn the basic movements to play Capoeira!

2. Kicks and Dodges!

Learn Capoeira Kicks and Dodges with music and fun!

3. Using Our Strength!

Use new strength and coordination skills to learn creative and fun moves!

4. Building Ground Skills!

Learn how to move on the ground to add dynamics to your Capoeira game!

5. Acrobatics!

Learn the skills needed for Capoeira Acrobatics with emphasis on safety, awareness, and confidence!

6. Music!

Learn the heart and soul of this Brazilian Martial Art - Music!

7. Capoeira Flow!

Learning how to string movements together to build sequences!

8. Training with Friends!

Share Capoeira with friends, family, and stuffies! 

Still not sure?

We offer a 30 day Money Back Guarantee! Not satisfied? No problem! We will refund your money, no questions asked!


What age is this course for?

Strong Start is for kids 4 and up!

How is this course organized?

It is organized into 8 weeks. Each week has its own  Warm Up video which is to be used before each training day. There are no less than 4 classes a week with an additional wrap up video which usually combines the moves introduced that week. Each week builds upon the previous one. This way students can use skills they have developed to build new ones!

Do I need to purchase additional materials for this course?

No! The materials used in this course are things that can be found at home. There are suggested materials but they are not necessary to complete and enjoy this course.